Our Staff

What's your favorite thing about working at Country Roads?


Wendy Scott – Kennel Manager
"When a nervous dog warms up to me and we become buddies!"
Wendy has two Akitas - Mickey and Kita, one Mastiff - Echo, and two cats- Archer and Chip. She enjoys photography, sewing, camping and movies.


Carly Treinen – Kennel Technician
"Being able to learn more about animal behavior and communicate with people who share my passion."
Carly has two dogs - Moses (Sheltie mix) and Jonah (Jack Russel mix) and one Fish - Dean Finchester. She enjoys photography, reading, dog sports, working with the 4-H dog project, Pentatonix concerts, listening to music and singing.


Katie Bergs - Groomer
"Everything. If I had to choose, making dogs look their very best."
Katie has two dogs - Pistol (Black Lab) and Blitz (German Shepherd), four Cats - Sassi, Gibbs, Taz and Louie, one hedgehog - Rosie and one Ferret - Monkey. She enjoys playing with animals, being outdoors and loves to go camping with her boyfriend when she can.


Marissa Vera – Kennel Technician
"Being with all the different personalities of dogs and cats. Also working with an amazing crew."
Marissa has two dogs - Chy Chy (Whippet mix) and Bonzi (Boxer mix). She enjoys being with my little family, fur babies and boyfriend. She also loves to cook!


Melissa Crider – Bather
"I get to pretend every client is my own; laughing at their funny antics and getting hugs and kisses keeps me from becoming a hoarder, though some would argue I am. Haha."
Melissa has seven cats, seven dogs and a piggy named Suey. She enjoys coaching softball, camping and hiking.


Tess Altrecht – Kennel Technician
"Playing with the dogs."
Tess has two dogs, three cats, two lizards, two snakes, one hamster, one rabbit, six African Cichlids and one plecostomus. She enjoys going for walks with her dogs, reading and playing with her pets.